LexiMobile App

Gives Users The Power of Words in the Palm of Their Hands

Skærmbillede 2013-11-07 kl. 15.32.18On the surface, LexiMobile is a pocket lexicon that lets users look up the word they want, whether they know the correct spelling or not. Even if they only know some letters in a word, they can enter them into the app, leaving spaces for the letters they do not know, and LexiMobile will find the word.

LexiMobile for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users, which can be used both to help people with their Scrabble and with their Crosswords, puts the right word at users’ fingertips exactly when they need it. With a massive database of words as well as direct links to Wikipedia and many popular search engines, users are never at a loss for words, word meanings, synonyms or proper spelling.

The included Thesaurus contains more that 600.000 entries and the included crossword section includes a complete crossword help section with over 113,000 of the most popular words used in crossword puzzles, and true aficionados will find all the help they need to build their own, unique crossword puzzles. When searching for words to build a puzzle, users can search by category, number of letters, letter patterns, and more.

It is a valuable tool for students, writers, or anyone who want to expand their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world. The app includes links to several of the most popular search engines……. Instructional videos here

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